Why I boycott this famous multinational skincare and makeup company (read article below)

  1. Racial profiling

S******‘s racial profiling is a fact and not a rumor. They have been doing it for years, decades. It happens in different places, different countries. It’s always the same thing, if they think that you don’t look like their perfect customer, they won’t treat you the same. Even famous singer SZA has faced their racial profiling. This is not just morally wrong, there should be a massive boycott. I do not even get why S****** gets a free pass. Racial profiling is humiliating, and it shows that S****** is a racist company. Period. There’s no excuse. It’s not one member of the staff. This is how they work. They keep track of people who are not racially pure enough for them to have the privilege to be a customer. Some also reported that queer people faced a similar treatment. That’s my opinion, but I will not try again to see if there’s some change. I am boycotting them forever.

2. Enabling the S****** kids trend

While S****** is doing massive racial profiling, because we all know that shoplifters are all from the same demographic (sarcasm), they just don’t care that some products they sell are marketed for kids, and that kids get burns and irritation from using skincare. While some people say that it’s not the store responsibility, and that parents should learn to say no, I think that S****** is clearly enabling that trend, and making massive profits from it. Of course it’s their responsibility as well. I just hate the argument that a business goal is to make money, and that we shouldn’t discuss ethics, because it’s a business. So why people criticize MLM then ? If it’s a business, and it works, let them be. People who fall into it are adults, after all. (sarcasm)

3. S****** have supported or is supporting the brands J*ffree Star, M*rrocan Oil, Av*da and A*ika

Well, you can do your research about these brands, and decide for yourself if they are worth boycotting or not. I do.

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