Holy grail French lip balm for dry, chapped lips (no, definitely not Nuxe !)

So many well-intentioned people claim that Nuxe’s Rêve de Miel balm is the best lip balm you can find in France. I disagree. While I do think that Nuxe is a great brand with very elegant and efficient packaging (I like their dry oil and their organic line with green packaging the most), many of their products are overrated. The halo effect is something you have be aware of in beauty products as well. The glass packaging, the association with France (especially the romanticized Paris), the fact that many actresses use (or claim to use) Nuxe’s Rêve de Miel balm… To be fair, I have used this product so many times over the last decade ! It is very easy to find in France, it is an iconic French pharmacy product, it last weeks or months, and the overall result is decent. I dislike most chapsticks, and prefer balms, so this was the easiest choice.

So why do I still hate this balm ?

First of all, it does not smell that great. The scent is a mix of honey, lemon and grapefruit, but it does not smell fresh, much more slightly rancid, probably because of the presence of shea butter and oils. Then, I could go on forever about the annoying gritty texture. It leaves a cast, and it makes dry skin even more visible. Of course, you should exfoliate to get rid of dry skin in the first place, but it makes the most invisible dry skin visible. That is the issue. It also contains essential oils, which might increase the photosensitivity of the lips and irritation of sensitive lips. Avoid this lipbalm if you suffer from angular cheilitis or eczema. I find this balm to be really overpriced and irritating on the long run. The effect on dry lips is decent, but not that great.

When I wanted to replace Nuxe balm with a fragrance-free and non irritating product, I came across this SVR chapstick.

The ingredients are great, the price is decent (you can buy two for a low price), but my experience with it was nightmarish ! It is the definition of a useless product. No result at all, the lips are protected for 2 minutes and then, it seems like your lips are even more chapped. Many people experience this with chapsticks in general, but I do not. I believe that it’s the occlusive effect of most chapsticks. If you don’t having moisture to begin with it is useless. That is why people recommend to apply humectants and emollients and then seal with chapstick.However, I absolutely love Hurraw chapsticks. I love Aroma-Zone chapsticks, if you want a French reference. I only experience this with this SVR chapstick.

Too bad for me, I already bought two SVR chapsticks. You don’t know yet the worst thing about this chapstick. It leaves a white cast on the lips. It’s white, and it stays white on the lips. It is extremely occlusive but there is no humectant to compensate. The point of a chapstick is that it should be efficient and easy to use, my point is that it would be a nightmare if we had to apply some extra humectant before applying the chapstick. So I consider this product very useless, please do not buy.

Finally, my Holy Grail is coming to help me…

After two awful experiences (Nuxe and SVR), I thought I would have to buy from the American brand Hurraw again. However I came across a lip balm from the brand Propolia. They make products with honey and propolis. I love both ingredients. I love propolis in nasal sprays and gums when I am sick. I love honey is hair products, body lotion, in face mask, everything. This is my number 1 ingredient !This balm is now my favourite and holy grail lip product. The texture is so soft and creamy. With a consistent daily use, you can find an improvement in dry, chapped lips very quickly. Even if I forget to apply it for a few hours, my lips are still soft. It made my lips soft and beautiful again.

My eczema and rosacea-prone skin does not react at all. I believe this balm is so efficient because it contains occlusives but also a good proportion of honey, which changes everything about the efficiency and the texture.The balm is fragrance-free and essential oil-free. This balm also exists in a tinted version with aroma, which is also really nice to use. The color is vibrant, yet natural pink. It really suits most skin tones. There is also a mint version with a very effective cooling effect. These balms are safe to use for kids above 3 years old. The price is very decent, but a balm lasts me one month only.

Shop the Propolia balm : regular version, tinted version, mint version.

Transparency :

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