Misconception serie : my skin does not absorb moisturizer

This is one of the most common questions about face creams. Some people claim that their skin does not absorb creams, and that the moisturizers they apply leave an oily, sticky film on the face, even when the moisturizer is made for oily skin. There is an answer. First, it is more difficult to apply moisturizer on a skin that accumulates dead skin, sebum and moisturizer residue: the occlusive ingredients of the new moisturizer will only become part of the film already present on the skin. In this case it’s necessary to use chemical exfoliation (BHA, AHA, PHA, depending on the skin type and its needs). Another reason is really simple to understand, and the opposite of what we usually hear: contrary to what many people believe, almost all the ingredients present in the creams and serums get very superficially on the skin and are not absorbed by the skin. Why do we have the impression that certain treatments are absorbed by the skin then?

Why do some creams seem to lay on the surface of the skin and others seem to be absorbed? This is simply an error of judgment and an illusion: most of the ingredients simply evaporate, it is not absorbed. Yes, you understood. This is particularly the case for treatments in gel form and serums which only contain humectants. Why does massaging the cream onto the face seem to make the product penetrate? The product is simply better distributed over the entire surface of the skin, in addition to losing part of its content through evaporation. We also lose product, spread during application, on the hands. As for creams that seem to stay on the skin leaving an unpleasant oily film, these are creams containing occlusives, such as dimethicone, shea butter and many other ingredients. The characteristic of these ingredients is precisely that they leave a film to limit water loss. To summarize, if your cream does not suit you, there are several solutions.

Problem 1: You feel like putting cream is the same as not using anything. Five minutes later, it’s like you didn’t put anything on.

This may mean that your treatment is very rich in humectants and contains few occlusives. This treatment must be applied to damp skin, if it still does not work, apply a cream rich in occlusives on top or simply change your moisturizer and choose a thicker one. You can also apply your treatment much more often.

Problem 2: You feel like your cream is staying on the surface of the skin

I can assure you that your cream contains occlusive ingredients such as dimethicone, shea butter, or rich emollients like squalane. You must either significantly reduce the dose of cream, and if that still does not work, instead use a treatment with a gel texture, or a serum containing fewer occlusives.

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