Where to shop for skincare in France ? French pharmacy and more.

You probably know Citypharma in Paris, well-known for its low prices. This is absolutely true that the prices are among the lowest, if not the lowest. However, the service is not that great, not because of the staff, extremely kind and competent in general, but because the place is too famous. It is fast-French pharmacy. So expect the service to be fast.

Don’t expect to ask many questions because the staff does not have enough time. A decade ago, I could still ask for references, and the staff was really helpful. However it became even more crowded. If you are claustrophobic, agoraphobic or both do not go to Citypharma. If you faint easily, do not go to Citypharma. So why even bother shopping in a super crowded place, or even online with a lack of good service because the staff does not have time, when you could shop elsewhere for similar bargains ?

You can find similar prices here online for French pharmacy brands

Pharmacie des Drakkars

Newpharma (from Belgium, ships to France)


Pharma Shopi

What if I want to buy in my local pharmacy ?

You can also find many interesting prices in local places as well. You should always check out the price, because some places are super overpriced, while other have so many good bargains. However, it also happens that a product is more expensive, but the staff is so kind and has so much knowledge that it is worth it. Do not always look for the lowest prices, it is also amazing to go to a place where products are more expensive than in Citypharma but you support a smaller business, the available staff, you have samples if want to try stuff, and more.

To check if a French pharmacy is worth it, you should ask questions about the products, if the staff give you great advice and is trying to help you, it is worth it. If the staff gives you poor advice, like selling you irritating skincare when you have sensitive skin, switch places. If they do not answer questions, switch places. In general, the prices are lower in big pharmacies, but you will have more time to ask questions in smaller ones, and the staff is more available.

Which French pharmacy brands do you recommend ?

I have dry skin and want cheap products, I do not really care about the packaging


I need products for sensitive skin (allergies, eczema, rosacea…)

A-Derma Epitheliale, A-Derma Biology Line, A-Derma Dermalibour, Bioderma Crealine line (the micellar water is a bad product on the face in my opinion, creams are fine), SVR Cicavit, Uriage Xemose line. I am not a fan of Avene / LRP. I like Avene thermal water and body creams and balms, I dislike the other products I have tried. The Avene Xeracalm A.D balm is an amazing product.

I have eczema, I need good body lotions

Avène (Xeracalm line), Uriage (Xemose line), Bepanthen, Topicrem DA emollient oil. The balms are quite greasy but that is the point. Bioderma Atoderm Lotion is more elegant on the skin but really expensive in my opinion and less efficient.

I need a shower oil that smells good

Même shower oil

Which shower gel for eczema-prone skin ?

In my experience most French pharmacy shower gels and shower oils are extremely overrated for eczema and super irritating. Même shower oil is not drying at all but contains fragrance. It is still the less drying shower oil you find in French pharmacies.

My favourite shower oil for eczema is the fragrance-free Cosmo Naturel shower oil that you find online or in organic shops.

I am looking for products for my keratosis pilaris

SVR and Eucerin (yes, not a French brand) products with urea

I need a serum for dull skin

Nuxe sérum essentiel antioxydant

Alternatives to French pharmacy :

Horace (skincare and haircare marketed for men)

Akane (efficient skincare with amazing textures / smells)

MonBeautyCoach (online store with personalized advice)

Ecocentric (eco-luxe store with great costumer service)

So Natural Beauty (from Belgium, ships to France)

Propolia (like I wrote in a previous article, their lipbalms are the best !)

Novexpert (high standards products)

De Novo (their products are holy grails for many French people, so they are always out of stock!)

Cattier (organic)

Cosmo Naturel (organic, their shower oils are underrated)

Centifolia (organic)

Ringarde Skincare

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