Is Byoma good for 10 years old ? Please stop gifting kids skincare.

I came across this gem of a research on Google Trends : “Is Byoma good for 10 years old ?”. Maybe, this is one of the endless messed up social epidemics the United States is facing. Shocking, but what’s new ? It’s better to be obsessed with skincare than with cigarettes, or drugs, right ? It seems like it’s now spreading even outside the US.

Skincare used to be a grown woman thing. Now, it’s not a woman thing anymore, which is great. However, it’s not a grown person thing at all. We even have a name for that, the Sephora Kids. Sephora kids are not new. When I was young (14-17 years old), many of my peers, used to go to Sephora. In general, they were not allowed to buy anything, they were just watching, testing fragrances, testing makeup… Sometimes, they could have a fragrance, a hair mask, or a mascara for their birthday. No one was really serious about it.

Ten years old wanting skincare is a different story. So is Byoma good for 10 years old, you ask ?

If you are parent reading this, please note that you are not a bad parent for thinking of gifting skincare to your kids. Parenting is difficult. Tantrums are difficult. Self-esteem issues are difficult. Peer pressure from other kids is difficult. Raising a kid in 2024 is difficult. I do have compassion for parents in such a complex world.

Maybe you think as Byoma as a lesser evil. Byoma products are less irritating and cheaper than most Sephora products. If we start being honest with ourselves, Byoma is not really cheap when it comes to gifting kids. Around $15 for a single product is not cheap for a kid. Skincare is not like a book that you can read again and again, you use it and then packaging goes to recycling. For an adult who buys high-end products, Byoma is cheap. Many adults cannot even afford that kind of skincare. My goal is not to make others feel guilty about the way they spend money on their kids. My point is : you should not feel guilty if you cannot afford to buy your kids skincare, even Byoma skincare.

Although Byoma products are not really irritating compared to many other products, it does not mean kids should have them.

Remember :

Kids don’t need preventive skincare except SPF and skin condition treatments.

You shouldn’t gift your kid anything to prevent wrinkles, water loss (unless they have a painful skin condition such as eczema), dehydratation, whatever. It’s absolutely recommended for kids to use a SPF, not to prevent wrinkles but skin cancer. A kid with eczema, which is a painful condition which can affect quality of life, should absolutely be treated. Kids should not be neglected or dismissed when they have a legit skin condition concern.

However, it should be supervised, and there’s no need for any fancy product or pretty packaging. If a kid have sensory issues, it might be worth it to buy a more lightweight sunscreen, or a more lightweight lotion for their skin condition. Anything else is over the top. Many kids also could benefit from lipbalms, especially in winter. Dry lips are super painful.

Some kids do have facial eczema or other skin conditions. They could absolutely need face products. You should absolutely ask a doctor before applying any product on their face. I know that there are also some kids with acne. It’s a minority but it does exist. These kids should be able to get treatment. Skincare treatment supervised by a doctor is different to skincare trends.

With the Sephora kids trend, some doctors took the unethical greedy path, and decided to jump someone else’s train, claming there’s nothing wrong with this Sephora kids trend. The most ethical ones have a very clear take, which is that most kids don’t need any face product (besides SPF) and absolutely no kid needs actives to prevent wrinkles. They also claim that using skincare at such a young age is likely to exarcebate or create irritation, and unlikely to have any benefit.

What about peer pressure ?

Bullying does not happen just because something is wrong with the person. Bullies always find something wrong with the person. Claiming that gifting kids skincare can avoid bullying is a naive take in my opinion. We should not enable that kind of thinking : kids who are bullied have something wrong with them, don’t follow trends or can’t read social cues. So they should act like the bullies to gain their respect.

Shy bookworm kids are not going to be more respected because they have trendy skincare products. This is the lame excuse that bullies use to rationalize a very primitive behaviour, and we should not take it at face value.

Gifting your kids skincare will not help their self-esteem

There is care in skincare. When it comes to kids, it’s not care. It will not help their self-esteem in the long run. It might be a short-term ego boost : “I have glass skin, wooow”, said the typical TikTok Sephora kid. In the long term, it just make them pay attention to something they shouldn’t pay attention to : their skin, the pimples, the texture. This is life, we all have a skin texture. For the kids who take social media at face value, this is not life : this is something that is wrong with them. Self-esteem should not depend on external factors that change a lot like skin appareance. If it depends on it then it’s just the illusion of self-esteem.

Do you remember your childhood ?

Kids already had issues with things they should not care about. Some kid had their parent dying for cancer. So all they could think about was cancer. Another one had a parent who was an alcoholic. All they could think about was their parent health, and their mood. We all know kids who grew up with that kind of issues. Maybe you are one of them. Childhood should not be so difficult. Childhood is about innocence, dreaming, having fun. Maybe we think that Sephora kids are just having dreaming and having fun, after all. To me, it just seems like there is no difference anymore between childhood and adulthood. There should be a very clear limit between both parts of life. Kids should not already live like adults. They should dream about adulthood, not already living it.

This is why toys exist.

Kids used to have dolls to practice their skincare and haircare skills. Barbie dolls standards were frankly ridiculous, and no one was attracted to Ken by the way. I don’t know about you, but I was really rude to Ken, because frankly he was a self-satisfied and self-absorbed twat. At least, Barbie dolls were toys, and it was fake. You could do anything with dolls, from buying expensive stuff to working like a grown-up. It was all fake, no consequences. Barbie and Ken could even smoke marijuana together. Again : no consequences ! You might say that dolls were expensive. This is true, but they last longer than skincare and you could buy them for so much cheaper when all the rich kids were selling them after chasing their next dream toy.

We should stop enabling skincare fantasies

Fancy skincare should be for kid a fantasy. It’s not real yet, but it might be if I can afford it later. Just because a kid wants something does not mean that he should have it, or will be unhappy. This is a false dilemma. If a kid has access to adult skincare now, they will probably be really disappointed with skincare as an adult, when they will need it. When you have access to something that easily, you take it for granted. You chase the next high. This is not healthy to enable what should only be a fantasy.

Skincare for the girls, indoors, sneakers for the boys, outdoors

Let’s be honest, while skincare is not woman-only anymore, little girls still face the most pressure to buy skincare. We should put less pressure on them and telling them the pressure is too much. We should mock that social pressure instead of validate it. We should not just offer girls things that are meant to be used indoors or for social validation. We should not validate the pressure to be perceived and judged constantly.

This was my honest and spontaneous take on the question. I am not a doctor or a mental health specialist, and I have my own bias. Maybe I am wrong and I don’t remember past trends. I am still very concerned by the Sephora Kids trend, and I know that many people show the same concerns.

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